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The Way of St. James

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Often referred to as the Main Street of Europe, an honourable title of the French Way to Santiago, it may be one of the most transcendent routes that a traveller can find. Named part of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites and European Cultural Itinerary by the European Council, The Way of St. James has a long history that goes back to the Middle Ages and awakens our interest today.

The Way of St. James is a long journey where you will find time for meditation and letting your spirits soar with the arrival to the final destination which is awaiting not a tourist, but a pilgrim – the remains of James the Great (Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain).

If you are a believer, The Way will dominate you and bring you closer to a reality stripped of all artificiality where the final purpose is meeting God. If you are an atheist, it will enhance your spiritual pursuit and share with a new pilgrim the energy of many others who have experienced such metamorphosis.

Finally, The Way is a symbol of effort and thought; sharing, enjoying and reaching the much sought after spiritual peace in a natural, historical and unique environment.