The capital of the county of Maragatería in the province of León offers a rich medieval legacy, the result of its location at the crossroads of: the Pilgrim’s Road to Santiago de Compostela and the Ruta de la Plata (Silver Road). Its walled town preserves churches, convents and hospitals which take travellers back to the […]


Scholarly and monumental, Salamanca treasures large doses of history and architectural richness, and a renowned academic and university setting. Proof of this are the nicknames she has received over the years: Roma la Chica (the small Roma), Castilian Athens or golden city, cultured and wise, to name a few. Salamanca is also one of the […]


Among the European city break high-fliers, Lisbon coasts along — somewhat surprisingly — under the radar. Yet it’s as ornate as Rome, as ancient (almost) as Athens and as exuberant as Seville. The city is metaphorically — as well as literally — on the fringes of the continent while Mediterranean hotspots like Barcelona take all […]

Our Philosophy

Slow travel is an approach to travel where the importance is not placed on the final objective of the trip but on the trip itself, as well as forming part of the surrounding community, exploring its culture and lifestyle at its own pace, making discoveries along the way which would have been impossible to imagine […]

Camino Confort

Our spectacular tour starts in Sarria, Lugo where you will walk the last 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) on El Camino de Santiago. This is the minimum walk you need to do in order to obtain the Compostela (the official certificate given by the Church after completing the walk). The tour lasts 8 days in which you will […]

The Portuguese Way

Our Portuguese Camino is a mixture of two routes: the coastal and inland Caminos. It is designed this way to take advantage of the best stages along the Camino in Portugal. We believe by combining the Coastal Camino and the Inland Camino, our tour is more spectacular and distinctive than other routes; ultimately hoping we […]

Self-guided Camino

Now that you’ve been introduced to our project and share our philosophy, but your days available for travel do not coincide with the schedule listed on our Calendar. Or perhaps you have less available days or you have full availability but would like to do something special along the way: take advantage of the trip and […]