El Camino de Santiago by Eddie Heakin


The first time I ever heard about the Camino was January 2011. My parents had recently watched a film called ‘The Way’ and they highlyrecommended it to me. At first I thought it was a film for the older generation; just an old guy marching about with a backpack on and pontificating about a life changing event.

I found myself on a cold and windy Tuesday evening (typical of the North West of England) with no plans. As if by magic the DVD presented itself to me. I’ll whack it on and get a nice brew!  All I knew at the time was that Martin Sheen was in it and goes to do a ‘walk in Spain’ so was expecting a half decent film to fill my evening. What I did not realise was that it was directed by his son – Emilio Estevez. They guy from Mighty Ducks! I had a montage of Young Guns and him cupping his mouth shouting ‘Flying V!’ There was also Kenan doing the mad slap shot. This quickly got my interests perked and a sudden wonder that this might be an incredible film.

After I watched this, I was completely hooked on researching the Camino. When can I go and do that? Where does it start? How long is it? These were the first set of major questions that arose from viewing what I would call one of my favourite films. This was my introduction to El Camino de Santiago.

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