Our Philosophy

Slow travel is an approach to travel where the importance is not placed on the final objective of the trip but on the trip itself, as well as forming part of the surrounding community, exploring its culture and lifestyle at its own pace, making discoveries along the way which would have been impossible to imagine in any other manner.

You get emerged in the daily life of local residents, use their transportation, sample their wine, sweets, dishes or simply, their coffee. Enjoy the nature, go for a walk in their parks, see their children play, discover local sports, visit their libraries, churches, shops or markets. Discover what grows in their fields or maybe observe the closure of business in a farm area. It is these authentic experiences that greatly enrich any journey.

El Camino Tours offers an opportunity for a traveller to have a more intimate experience by slowing down to appreciate what each village has to offer, abeit architecture, culture or common habits. Discover the essence of a society by observing and sharing its day-to-day activities.