Scholarly and monumental, Salamanca treasures large doses of history and architectural richness, and a renowned academic and university setting. Proof of this are the nicknames she has received over the years: Roma la Chica (the small Roma), Castilian Athens or golden city, cultured and wise, to name a few. Salamanca is also one of the renowned cities through which The Way of St James passes in one of its many routes:  Ruta Mozárabe o Vía de la Plata.

To discover it, the most appropriate starting point is the Plaza Mayor, as it is the local custom to meet up here and it is always lively. Dominated by the Town Hall, it is an irregular quadrangle with porticoes which shelter pedestrians, bars and several businesses. Designed by Alberto de Churriguera mid-eighteenth century, is one of the summits of the Spanish Baroque monuments.

The beauty of the compound deserves a leisurely tour. In addition you can have a drink at the Café Novelty, the oldest of the city (1905) and home to centuries-old gatherings of intellectuals like the writer Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, who frequented it and therefore has a statue that pays him tribute inside.

To follow the tour through Salamanca, visit National Geographic 

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