Solo Travel

solo travel

If the dates of your vacation do not coincide with those of your potential travel companions, or you believe that not all things have to be done with your partner or you simply like to travel freely, but not alone, El Camino Tours is pleased to welcome you.

For all those who prefer a personalized approach for organizing their travel, but at the same time would like to enjoy it in a company of other travellers with similar circumstances – we are happy to offer a possibility of forming part of smaller groups and thus getting the benefits and all the advantages of group travel:

  • Comfort of being guided by the individuals who are very familiar with the area and can provide you with an enhanced feeling of wellness and a better immersion in the community.
  • Contact with individuals who, just like you, enjoy a great conversation or silence and meditation.
  • Taking advantage of the same discounts available to other groups.
  • The tranquillity of counting on the experience of a local company specializing in travel.

If you are independent, fond of unrestricted travel and open to new experiences discovered during a journey – we will provide you with the most comfortable way of undertaking this journey. Contact us!